Welcome to the homepage of artist Elisabeth Wejsflog
A devoted artist for more than 30 years. Polish born Elisabeth currently lives in Sweden since 1976… Beneath follows a brief description of her background and work.

"The studio is located in the street level of a more than hundred years old house near the Saint Pauli Church in the park avenue Kungsgatan in Malmoe, Sweden. She works with prints as well as oil and acrylic on canvas and watercolours. 'I wanted to be a musician once', Elisabeth says.
Chopin is her favourite composer. She and the composer have this in common, that both left their home country Poland in their youth. If Chopin painted with music, then Elisabeth paints music. She has been well known through her visits with paper and watercolours at the rehearsals of the Malmoe Symphonics. A large number of her works has been created right there. The paintings contain both figurative and abstract elements. What the eye can see can be transformed into hints of the environment. What the ear hears and the heart feels are turned into forms, movements, colours, a kind of conclusion of the tone impressions. 'I do not paint the musicians', she says, 'It is the Music'. It is not possible to grip it, keep it, and then paint it.

It is airy and has to be caught in the flight. Elisabeth uses watercolour crayons as a compliment to the colours to be able to work fast and light-handed.

The art critic Stig Åke Stålnacke gives the following words about Elisabeth Wejsflog in a catalogue:

'Emotion is the only thing that counts to this woman, who is mighty of creating such dramatic paintings. Everything else has been cleaned out, and what remains is a woman travelling through life with Passion as her only luggage.'"